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Vandelor releases the beautiful two-track EP ‘Rechka & Siren’ via Where The Heart Is Records

Since arriving on the scene in 2020, Vandels has meticulously carved a niche in the global music industry with acclaimed releases on renowned labels such as All Day I Dream, Ruvenzori and Souksonic.

Now he’s back with a beautiful two track EP titled ‘Rechka & Siren’ signed to none other than David Hohme’s Where The Heart Is records. It’s a mix of melodic and organic house at its best. “Rechka“, a collaboration with Gaba, offers ethereal melodies backed by a pounding beat and heartwarming piano arrangements. “Siren” offers a euphoric yet serene journey into the deeper soundscape of house, as Vandelor and Schmidt masterfully weave ambient vocals into soft and delicate synth chords.

We had the opportunity to chat with Vandelor about the EP and what lies ahead in 2023. Enjoy!

You collaborated with two other producers on this EP. How did you meet each of them and what did you learn about producing while working with them?

They reached out to me with “Musical Interest Project” to discuss. Since then, we have been in contact and discussed projects with similar goals. And I learned that sometimes it’s better to work in a team and share ideas.

What emotional message were you trying to convey in this release? What do you want listeners to take away from the music?
I tried to convey happiness, the joyful feeling of being complete with myself and the universe. All I can hope is that listeners take away the same feelings of joy when they hear this piece and want to share the feeling and the music with their friends and communities.

Which qualities in a label do you prioritize? What about David Hohme’s Where The Heart Is Records made you know they would be a good home for this release?
I will always want to release music on the labels where I feel my music fits. Enticing label art can sometimes have the power to evoke emotions that appeal to my creative side. I enjoy working with labels that are passionate about their art that represents the releases. The first time I sent music to David Hohme’s label was in 2021 and I have been following the label ever since. They didn’t accept my music at that time. But Hey! Here I am releasing a full EP two years later. Love the label name, artwork and catalog.

Why do you produce music? What do you love most about the creative process?
Well, making music is very therapeutic for my soul and I hope my songs reach and inspire others.

What’s next for you and your artist project? Any other cool updates or gigs in the works?
I have some upcoming remixes on various labels, there’s also a big collaboration in the works with someone closely associated with WTHI (but that’s all I can say about right now). I’m still trying to find a home for some other original songs as well. As a DJ I started getting some local dates this year here in Perú. I’m trying to push an almost non-existent electronic scene and audience because it’s a lesser known genre here.

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