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Morgan Wade: 5 things to know about the country singer who is BFFs with Kyle Richards

  • Morgan Wade (born December 10, 1994) is a country singer known for her song “Wilder Days”.
  • In May 2023, she revealed that she tested for the BRCA gene and would undergo a double mastectomy.
  • morgan’s album, Psychowill be released on August 25, 2023.

Morgan Wade “going really hard” in 2023. The 28-year-old country music star behind the “Wilder Days” hit is enjoying as much of the year as she can before undergoing a double mastectomy as a precaution against breast cancer. “I had the BRCA gene,” she told me Page six at London’s Highways Festival on May 20. “It’s a breast cancer gene, so I’m going to have a double mastectomy in November. I’m going really hard until November, so from November and December I have to rest.”

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BRCA1 and BRCA2 are genes that produce proteins that help repair damaged DNA, according to the National Cancer Institute. But when someone inherits a harmful variant of one of these genes, they have an increased risk of several cancers, most notably breast and ovarian cancer. Morgan leaves nothing to chance. “I’m fine. I’m just bummed that I won’t be able to work out because I really like working out,” she said Page six about her upcoming surgery, adding that she usually works out seven days a week. “That’s my only qualm with it.”

More so Morgan has become Kyle Richards‘ new bestie and has taken to social media in recent months to share a plethora of pictures with RHOBH star. Below are five things to know about the singer!

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Morgan Wade is a country star

Morgan’s career began in 2018 when she was a freshman in college. She recorded and released her debut album. When he performed at the ’18 FloydFest, Jason Isbells sound engineer gave his album to Saddle Calfguitarist for Isbell’s band, 400 unit. Saddle maker and producer Paul Ebersold knew Morgan had Theand they worked with her to put together Reckless, her major label debut album. Thirty Tigers released it in 2021 to critical acclaim.

“With insider trading as HITS proclaims, ‘Imagine Kris Kristofferson as a Gen Z woman,’ The New York Times raging, “she sounds like she’s singing from the depths of history,” and FATHER offers, ‘Wade has a voice like a jagged blade, sharp enough to draw blood but glistening under the light,’ Reckless landed hard and true,” reads the bio on her website.

Reckless yielded a top 40 hit for Morgan. “Wilder Days” peaked at No. 36 on it Notice board Hot 100.

She is quite fearless

morgan wade 5 things
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“The first time I ever sang in front of people, I just went down in this basement with five random guys I found on Craigslist to start a band,” Morgan shared Rolling stone. At the time, she was a 19-year-old college student in Roanoke, Virginia. “I just remember there was a guy with sunglasses on at eight o’clock at night smoking weed. It was really normal. And I just kept walking in the house, and they said, ‘Yeah, down in the basement.’ So I went down there , and there were five guys down there. But here we are.”

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The Craigslist band helped Morgan record her first self-released album Dolls With My Heart. She told Rolling stone that the album came from a moment of heartbreak after dumping a boyfriend. “I got it in my head that I could form a band,” Wade recalls. “It would either piss him off or bring him back, either.”

Morgan Wade is friends with Kyle Richards

Not only is Morgan famous in her own right, she’s also one of Kyle Richard’s new pals! In December 2022 RHOBH star even took to Instagram to wish Morgan a happy birthday. “Happy Birthday @morganwademusic May all your dreams continue to come true! Keep shining We love you,” the Bravo personality captioned the photo carousel. More recently, on April 28, 2023, Morgan took to Instagram to hilariously mock Kyle’s lavish Birkin bag. “I’m not first class but I’m not white trash. As @kylerichards18 leaves her bag to go to the bathroom,” she captioned the video. The ladies even took a chic vacation to Mexico in January 2023 (see video here.)

Morgan decided to have a double mastectomy because of her family history

In May 2023, Morgan revealed that Page six that she found out that she has the “BRCA gene”. Everyone has two copies of these genes—one inherited from each parent, according to the National Cancer Institute. BRCA1 and BRCA2 are genes that help repair damaged DNA and are considered tumor suppressor genes. But when they have certain changes – considered harmful variants or mutations – they can develop cancer.

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People who have inherited harmful variants are at risk of several cancers, especially breast and ovarian cancer. People with deleterious variants of BRCA1/BRCA2 tend to develop cancer at younger ages. “My mom had (cancer), and my little cousin is going to get it, but I’m going to be fine,” Morgan said. She chose to undergo a double mastectomy as a preventative measure.

Her second major label album promised to be crazy

Rolling stone named Reckless as best country album of 2021. The follow-up, Psychowas set for an August 2023 release date. “With ‘Psychopath,’ we’ve done a really good job of moving on from Reckless to the next step without it being so crazy different,” she said Page six in May 2023. “I’m excited. Every song there has its own sound and is completely different. … (the album) goes into where I am in life right now. Who is so busy. It’s about growing up and getting older and starting to feel like “is it time to settle down?” I think you’ll see a lot of that on the record.”

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