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Missing Texas Teen Found Alive! -Business Announcer


A miracle occurred two days ago. A missing youth from Texas, a victim of a kidnapping thought to be dead or worse, was found by the authorities and is making a slow but reassuring recovery in the hospital. Such a thing is rare but is surely a sign of good fortune.

The Facts of the Case

A young adult by the name of Rudolph “Rudy” Williams, age 18, went missing on March 6, 2015. Hailing from Houston, Texas, officials say Williams left his home with his dogs around 6:00 PM. Hours later, only one of the dogs came back. The next morning, the other dog returned. Both dogs were missing their leashes. Panicked, Williams’ mother frantically called the police.

Williams’ problems had begun not long before the kidnapping. According to family members, he had been suffering depression for several months after witnessing his older brother die in a tragic motorcycle accident. “He watched his best friend die right in front of him. His brother was his best friend in the world. He’s just gone through so much more than anyone his age ever should,” Williams’ mother, Paradise, said. Officials at the time of the report classified it as a missing person’s case, suspecting no foul play. However, the missing leashes could indicate a struggle between Williams and the possible perpetrators.

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Years after that fateful day in 2015, the Texas Center for the Missing reported on Saturday that Rudy Williams has been found safe and sound. He is now recovering in a hospital for reasons not yet clarified. As of now, there is no official statement regarding Williams and the state of his well-being, mentally or physically. His family and friends are no doubt concerned for him and are glad to have him back in their lives. The kidnappers remain unidentified. 

A Successful Recovery

It is unfortunate that Rudy Williams was missing for years after the fact. Kidnapping cases range from those still missing to this day, to those found at once depending on the person and/or circumstances that led to their disappearance. Successful recoveries of kidnaped children usually occur within the first 48 hours of their abduction. One such instance took place only a few weeks ago.

On June 24th of this year, another kidnapping was reported by the mother of siblings Dekarsen and Delyla Middleton. The children, ages two (Dekarsen) and one (Delyla), were being babysat by close family friend Adalyn Burkett, of Callaway, Florida, and her boyfriend, Marquan Edwards. According to the mother, Burkett and Edwards agreed to take care of the children overnight, with permission to use her vehicle so long as they returned it. Instead, Burkett and Edwards left Florida that night, driving to Edwards’ hometown of Milwaukee.

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Two days later, the children were found alone in a deserted public park. Apparently, the kidnappers abandoned the siblings once news of the crime became public. While the authorities apprehended both Burkett and Edwards shortly afterward, it is unknown what their intentions were or what motivated the kidnapping. The children’s mother and grandmother arrived later that day to take them back home. As Tina Leach, the children’s grandmother, explained, “We’ve been on the road since 4 o’clock yesterday. We drove 17 hours to get here, we would have walked if we had to.” It is amazing that the family were able to get their children back as quickly as they did. Many are not so lucky.

However, lucky cases like this only highlight the turmoil that Rudy Williams undoubtedly went through. Unlike the Middleton case, there were no immediate suspects or clear trail to follow, highlighting once again the rarity of Williams return. Only time will tell how well he will be able to readjust.


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