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Kel-P shares infectious single, "What have you done?"

Grammy Award-winning Nigerian producer/singer and Nigerian multi-hyphenate KELP (aka Kel P Vibes) returns with the Danish song “What Have You Done?” with an accompanying video via Jones worldwide and Virgin Music France/ Universal Music France and is sure to mesmerize fans with its upbeat, upbeat tone. Kel-P is quickly establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with in the Afrobeat music scene as a vocalist following his previous exploits as an A-list producer, which includes a Grammy win and a pair of Grammy nominations. His first EP, “Bully Season Vol.1”, which was supported by the single “One More Night”, has received almost 4 million streams, proving his popularity among music lovers. With his brand new single, “What Have You Done?”, Kel-P confirms his reputation as the Afrobeat revelation of 2023.

“What have you done?” mixed up Leandro “DRO” Hidalgo is an Afro club single co-produced by The elements. The upbeat tempo, memorable rhythms and soulful vocals of “What Have You Done?” make it an infectious party song. The song is sure to get listeners on their feet and dancing. Kel-P has mastered the art of creating music that gets people moving, and “What Have You Done?” is no exception, with its clean sound and sharply crafted songwriting.

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Kel-P’s ambition is to create music that makes listeners dance and have a good time. He is a multi-platinum star producer who is now surprising us with his singing skills. With “What have you done?” he showcases his versatility and proves that he is a complete performer, and it presents another solid offering from him as we head into the summer.

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