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Galaxy Francis joins Daylight Tone and Tri Nohbi for new single "CTRL U"

Galaxy Francis has connected Daylight tone and Tri Nohbi for a new single, titled “CTRL U”. Francis is a multi-hyphenated artist based in Chicago. He identifies as a Rap&B artist who combines his love of clever one-liners and themed albums with soulful vocal arrangements reminiscent of the 90s Jodeci and Ginuwine. Inspiration ranges from artists such as Missy Elliott to Frank Ocean to FutureFrancis thrives in his ability to be unapologetically himself. Francis’ latest offering ‘CTRL U’ features a futuristic, spacey sound and kinetic vocals that see him display a natural chemistry with Daylight Tone and Tri Nohbi.

The elegant, forward-thinking “CTRL U” opens with vibrant, reverb-drenched keys, before pillowy 808s and crunchy percussion lock into a hypnotic groove. The expressive production of “CTRL U” creates a sense of euphoria with its colorful walls of keys and synths, creating a suitable foundation for the singers to lay down their off-the-wall, energizing performances. They refuse to hold back in delivering dynamic, lively lines that keep the listener on their toes, not knowing what to expect.

“CTRL U” features yet another memorable drop from Chicago artist Galaxy Francis, alongside Daylight Tone and Tri Nohbi, who stand out for their eclectic songwriting and lively energy.

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