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EVO pits the Bugatti Chiron Tremendous Sport towards the Rimac Nevera

Whereas Rimac and Bugatti could also be teaming up for the following era of hypercars, these are initially rivals, the Bugatti Chiron Tremendous Sport is a W16 quad-turbo hypercar with 1,600 hp, however the Rimac Nevera, the all-electric hypercar with virtually 2,000 hp, in order that pitting them aspect by aspect to be rivals could be a fascinating idea, which is precisely what EVO Journal did, taking each hypercars out on the roads of Croatia, Rimac’s birthplace.

So once you speak about 1600hp or 1914hp, W16 inner combustion engine vs full electrical does it matter at such a stage or is it down to non-public choice or is it only a blur at this stage, personally I slightly like the electrical the “zoom” sound of the Rimac Nevera and the insanely quick acceleration energy … however at this level I would nonetheless go for an inner combustion engine, ideally one which emits a roaring sound from the exhaust … however that is simply me, and the long run is about clearly about electrical, so now let’s check out what EVO has to say about placing these two masterpieces aspect by aspect on the open highway:

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