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Eric Penn Shares Captivating Live Offer, "Disastrous"

Eric Penn have shared a new live offering titled “Catastrophic”. Penn’s pen was born in the DMV but eventually took his talents to Harlem. Penn’s pen has flourished poignantly in these cultural hotbeds. His single “Sinking Sand” was featured on, NPR radio and The Joe Budden Podcast, gathering a significant amount of traction and building momentum for his latest drop “Catastrophic.” With the release of the live offering “Catastrophic”, Eric is preparing to fill a void that music – especially R&B/soul – has been missing. Recently selected as a finalist for NPR’s Top Shelf Tiny Desk Contest, Penn’s live single “Catastrophic” creates a refreshing, enticing audio experience.

The warm, glowing sound of “Catastrophic” is enhanced by silky keys and elegant guitars. Underpinned by rich bass and organic-sounding percussion, his vocals soar with captivating ease as he effortlessly demonstrates an impressive range, along with a strong delivery. “Catastrophic” shows focus and poignancy in its songwriting, while maintaining a natural, relaxed feel that immerses the listener in its sultry sound. Accompanied by an engaging, DIY performance video that captures the track’s effortless, organic style, “Catastrophic” makes for a strong new release from Penn overall.

“Catastrophic” continues Eric Penn’s run of soulful, eclectic cuts. “Catastrophic” is a wonderfully gentle, yet powerful effort that only a true musician could achieve, showcasing his sharp songwriting throughout the process.

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Stream “Catastrophic (Live)” below.

Connect to Eric Penn: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter

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