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Aqyila Delivers Infectious EP “For The Better”

Aqylaan R&B enthusiast, has released his highly anticipated EP titled For the better. The EP is now available under the Sony Music Canada banner. Aqyila’s EP is a musical journey that exudes inspiration and self-discovery. EP embodies the essence of resilience and profound transformation.

Aqyila’s resonant vocals and evocative songwriting skills take center stage in “For The Better”. The EP’s standout tracks include “Hello” and “We Keep On,” which firmly establish Aqyila’s artistic prowess and captivating musicality. The project has already received immense praise due to its infectious melodies and soulful lyrics.

The focus track of the EP is “We Keep On”, which delves into the repetitive nature of everyday life, where conversations become mundane and words lose their essence. Aqyila gracefully conveys the longing for change while confronting the cyclical patterns of empty promises. The EP is a must for music enthusiasts seeking soul-stirring melodies and introspective storytelling.

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