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Ámaris Wen’s Synth-Pop Odyssey: “Love andOceans” sets sail in emotional depths

In the pulsating heart of the contemporary music scene, it is a rarity to discover a sound that is simultaneously euphonic and deeply resonant – a harmony that effortlessly sails into the emotional depths of listeners. The synth-pop album ‘Love and Oceans’ by Ámaris Wen breaks free from the temporary trends and predictable melodies and creates sonorous waves of rhythmic power.

London-based synth-pop master Ámaris Wen, known for his electrifying infusion of genres, unveiled his whimsical 10-track opus ‘Love and Oceans’ on Friday 16 June 2023. This album is much more than an auditory treat. . It is a vessel that transports listeners through the turmoil of toxic relationships, mental health issues and the powerful rise of female empowerment.” Although my music is not always upbeat and light, it soothes listeners with lyrical messages related to embracing new beginnings and opportunities,” shares Ámaris. The songs from ‘Love and Oceans’ are therapeutic lullabies for the broken hearted, offering a comforting reassurance that new beginnings are just around the corner.

Two such notable compositions, “Subconscious” and “Missing You”, envelop the listener in a dreamscape of moonlit melodies. The birth of “Subconscious” was influenced by Ámari’s own bouts of insomnia due to a thyroid condition, providing a unique, relatable perspective. “Nostalgia,” a track etched with synth-pop-inspired retro vibes, immerses listeners in a poignant tale of holding on to relationships that
are far from beneficial. Another song, “Oyster Bed” uplifts with a message to dream big and break free from limitations. The song “Visionary” bravely delves into the process of shedding toxic relationships, promoting a sense of empowerment.

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To complement the album’s narrative, Ámaris weaves a tapestry of dreamy AI-generated imagery, amplifying the emotional resonance of each track. Her keen eye for the visual adds another dimension to the mood of “Love and Oceans”. Ámaris Wen’s musical journey is as diverse and captivating as her music itself. Born in central Switzerland into a musical family, she developed an intimate connection with music from an early age. Her multicultural upbringing, with ties to the Netherlands, New Zealand, Switzerland and England, fostered her multilingual proficiency in English, German and Dutch. Her formative years witnessed a series of movements and creative evolution. After her parents’ divorce, she moved to Zurich and honed her skills at the local drama school and the Stage & Musical School in Frankfurt, Germany, where she immersed herself in electronic music to accompany her dance studies. This is where she gave birth to her dance floor project in 2014, “Geiko – Female Electronic Dance Music.” As Ámari’s career developed, she stepped into the role of playlist manager for majors
record label and then moved to London. There, her sound developed towards a synth-pop and R&B mix, characterized by the well-received ‘Neon Colours’. This was followed by the ocean-inspired “Aquamarine” and the introspective “26.” Today, Ámaris stands proudly on the shores of his latest release, “Love and Oceans.”

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‘Love and Oceans’ is more than just an album – it’s a beacon of resilience and empowerment, lighting the way to emotional liberation. It’s a testament to the magic that happens when talent, passion and life experiences come together in harmonious synchronization. Love and Oceans is a tribute to Ámaris Wen’s resilient spirit and an invitation to travel with her into the depths of an emotional odyssey. The
stands as a testament to her ability to take personal experiences and translate them into an immersive auditory experience.

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